100 Cotton Spunlace Non Woven Fabric for Face Towel

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Product Highlights

― Environmentally friendly, biodegradable;

― Dust-free, no fibers fall off during use, no lint is produced,

― Soft and comfortable, safe and hygienic

― Good tensile strength and elongation

― Wide application fields, baby cleaning supplies, face towels, beauty materials, automotive supplies, etc.

Product Details

Cotton spunlaced non-woven cloth is also known as pure cotton spunlaced non-woven cloth, cotton spunlaced non-woven cloth is made of natural fiber pure cotton, through the cotton opening, loose cotton, the use of sophisticated carding machine and net laying machine and drafting machine will be pure cotton finishing into a net, the use of pressure after the formation of a large density of numerous needle-like water column, through the spunlaced machine to promote the cotton fiber wrapped into cloth.